Speedcap Coca Cola, Pet Fles Opener

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For the Coca Cola Company, we produced the Speedcap (towards a design of Coca Cola).

  • The speedcap is meant to unbolt the caps of 25cl cola bottles for three-quarters.
  • A trade with 24 bottles is placed (by means of a bucket) in the machine, after which the machine automatically unbolts the caps. The packing is cut in the middle before the caps can be unbolted.
  •  The work speed of the device is 3000 bottles/hour.

With the speedcap in the recent implementation, it is possible to open 25cl Coca Cola CAP bottels. The different flavours are summed up below:

  • Coca Cola light
  • Coca Cola zero
  • Coca Cola regular

The Speedcap will be present on several summer festivals, such as Rock Werchter, Werchter Classic, Graspop and Pukkelpop.