SMO – Machine construction and industrial supply

Machines, technology or special constructions for your company: SMO coordinates their production on your specific needs. The result: building of tailor-made machines, automation, engineering and construction work. Whatever you are looking for or whatever sector your firm belongs to: we can definitely assist you.

This creation and fabrication of technology is executed within entirely our own management. We control every step of the process: concept, 3D design, strength calculation, welding, machining, assembly,… Of course we can offer all of our services separately.

From rougher machines to high-tech solutions, from automatic transport systems to professional welding… Our projects are as extended as our knowhow. On the left of this page, you can find an overview of de sectors and some examples of realized projects. This obviously isn’t a finite list, since our specialty is our diversity.

SMO offers solutions

Our firm is specialized in the producing of machines according to the specific demands of the client. Moreover, we execute this entirely within our own management, since we master every step of the process. Of course, we offer this knowhow separately as well.